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Stefan Blöndal´s parents - Merete and Erling Blöndal Bengtsson. Photographed 1976

(Stefan kept the Icelandic part of his name, Blöndal, as his artist- and familyname and thereby left out Bengtsson)


Paternal Grandparents - pianist Sigriður "Sigga" Charlotte Bengtsson (1894 - 1956), maiden name Nielsen, Ísafjörður, Iceland

and violinist/bandleader Valdemar Bengtsson (1898 - 1970), born in Copenhagen, Denmark


Maternal Grandparents - Ethel Merete Bloch-Jørgensen (1915 - 82), maiden name Soeborg, Copenhagen

and dentist Troels Bloch-Jørgensen (1908 - 59) born in Silkeborg, Denmark

The latter an able violinist, prize-awarded photographer and filmmaker, sporting sailor and chairman of the Musical Society in Silkeborg.


Paternal Great-grandmother - seamstress and copywriter Frederikke Bengtsson (1872 - 1963) with Valdemar. Photographed 1907

Daughter of Johan "Janne" Bengtsson, Sweden


Paternal Great-grandfather - Phillip Valdemar Hecht (born 1868), grocery store owner


Paternal second Great-grandfather - fabric manufacturer Ludvig Libz Hecht (1815 - 1888) born in Heidingsfeld, Bavaria, father of 9 children

Married in Denmark with Sophie Magdalene Hoffmann (1823 - 1890), Daughter af spinning master Jakob Hoffmann (1787 - 1843) and Sara Barbara Hoffmann, maiden name Bauer (1793)


Maternal Great-grandmother - Gudrun Bloch-Jørgensen, maiden name Odderskov Pedersen (1875 - 1969)

Received music education in Copenhagen

Daughter of saddler Emil Frederik Odderskov Pedersen, Aarhus


Maternal Great-grandfather - dentist, professor Carl Frode Bloch-Jørgensen (1871 - 1942), born in Silkeborg, Denmark

(Added Bloch to the family name Jorgensen in 1903)

Founded the school dental service in Denmark


Maternal second Great-grandmother - Ane Kristine Jørgensen (1842), maiden name Sorensen


Maternal Great-grandmother - Kathinka Dorthea Ellen Kirstine Søeborg, maiden name Andersen (1885 - 1967)


Maternal Great-grandfather - postmaster Niels Christian Søeborg (1880 - 1924)


Paternal Great-grandmother - Thorunn Gunnlaugsdóttir Nielsen (1869 - 1941) , maiden name Blöndal and Daughter Sigriður (later Bengtsson)


Paternal Great-grandfather - Sophus J. Nielsen (1843 - 1905), born in Denmark

Merchant, ombudsman, cassier, banker and the Father of 19 children in Ísafjörður, Iceland, whereto he came at the age of 18.

(Imported the first outboard motor to Iceland in 1902)


Paternal second Great-grandparents - shoemaker Johan "Janne" Bengtsson (born 1845) from Össjö, Sweden and Mrs Marie Charlotte (1841), maiden name Larsen. Married and resident in Copenhagen. Photographed in 1866

Son of Bengt Eliasson


Maternal second Great-grandparents - saddler Emil Frederik Odderskov Pedersen (born 1847) and Margrethe Henriette Odderskov Pedersen, maiden name Andersen (1849). Great-grandmother Gudrun to the far right.


Maternal second Great-grandfather - Laurs Jørgensen (born 1843), photographed as member of the Guard Hussar Regiment, born 1843

Marrried to Ane Kristine Jørgensen (1842), maiden name Sorensen

Made a living respectively from being a clog maker, a publican, a baker and finally manager of a tilework factory

(Founded Old Skanderborg County Sporting Shooters Association)


Paternal second Great-grandparents - Sigriður Blöndal, maiden name Sveinbjarnardóttir (1835 - 1913), Daughter of the poet Sveinbjörn Egilsson (1791 - 1852)

and Gunnlaugur Petur Björnsson Blöndal (1834 - 1884), sheriff in Barðastrandarsysla, Iceland


Maternal second Great-grandparents - Christian Frederik Nikolaj Søeborg (1829 - 1883), grocery store owner

and Nielsine Clementine Søeborg (1852 - 1912), maiden name Raagaard


Maternal third Great-grandfather - farmer Jørgen Laursen (1801 - 1871) from Salten, Jutland

Son of farmer and national soldier Laurs Nielsen Tolstrup (1772 - 1838), son of farmer, clog maker, wheel maker Niels Christensen Tholstrup (1734 - 1811),

son of Christen Sørensen Tolstrup


Maternal third Great-grandparents - Canonneer Peter Raagaard (1792 - 1858) and Mrs Johanne Cecilie Raagaard, maiden name Andersen in 1814

(The author of a diary from his time in The Royal Fleet, which is kept at The National Museum in Copenhagen)


Paternal third Great-grandfather - Sveinbjörn Egilsson (1791 - 1852)

Son of farmer Egil Sveinbjarnarson and Guðrún Oddsdóttir

Theologian, classicist, teacher, translator and poet, Rector at the Latin School in Reykjavik, received an honorary degree at the University of Breslau

(Translated ao. Homers Iliad and Odyssey into Icelandic and the Icelandic Sagas into Latin)

Married to Helga Gröndal, Daughter of Benedikt Gröndal, Supreme Court Judge