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With his Saker falcon, 2012.

Photo - Michael Christian Paldan

Photo - SB

Laying down a bunch of falcon feathers at the sarcophagus of Frederick II in Palermo, Sicily, 2019.

"The falconer must not be one who belittles his art and dislikes the labor involved in his calling.

He must be diligent and persevering, so much so that as old age approaches he will still pursue the sport out of pure love of it.

For, as the cultivation of an art is long and new methods are constantly introduced, a man should never desist in his efforts but persist in its practice while he lives, so that he may bring the art itself nearer to perfection."

From the book of the Divine Augustus, Fredrick II, Emperor of the Romans, King of Jerusalem and Sicily - "De Arte Venandi cum Avibus" (The Art of Hunting with Birds). Sicily, before 1250